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Sandblaster Supplier in Huntsville

Sandblaster Supplier Huntsville

Since 1970, Huntsville’s Engineered Maintenance Services has been an equipment supplier, offering abrasive blasting units for commercial, residential and industrial applications. There are three basic types of sandblasters: siphon, gravity-fed and pressure. They all use fine silica sand to strip rust, paint or remove unwanted coating from metal. Another commonality between models is that they use a pressurized gun with a ceramic or otherwise durable coated barrel so that the pipe itself doesn’t erode with use.

Siphon models are the most basic and cost-effective. At their core is a reservoir of material plus a pressurized air tank or compressor. When firing the gun, suction pulls sand up the hose to be fired out of the barrel. With siphon systems, it isn’t hard to collect loose sand to reuse it on another occasion. When pulling the trigger on a gravity-fed unit, natural forces assisted by compressed air pull sand out of the reservoir and into the gun’s barrel.

Pressure blasters are the most powerful and easy-to-use type. They’re often used in industrial settings such as factories, automotive shops, maintenance yards and marinas. High-flow valves allow air and sand to pass through the same pipeline at high pressure. Blast times tend to be between 30 to 125 minutes, depending on tank size. Some can switch between silica and soda, the latter being useful for cleaning other materials such as fiberglass. Pressure blasters typically don’t allow for sand collection and reuse.

Quality Models for Homes & Businesses

We’re a seller of all types of sandblaster models in Huntsville. Whether you’re looking to replace worn-out equipment or expand your business, talk to us about your plans and we’ll guide you toward the purchase that makes the most sense. We’ll be happy to share with you what we know when you call us at 256-837-2950.