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Your Supplier of Fasteners in Huntsville

Your Supplier of Fasteners in Huntsville

We wouldn’t even want to imagine doing certain jobs without nail guns, staple guns and fasteners. Just as the cellular phone has done for communication, these devices have revolutionized construction, and there’s no turning back. Based in Huntsville, we at Engineered Maintenance Services are a seller of these as well as other types of power tools. We stock nails, staples and replacement parts for all major brands.

Types of Fastening Systems We Sell

Fastening tools are made for speeding up production while maintaining quality work and reducing operator fatigue. Most are designed for a specific trade or purpose. For composite decking, the right gun and screw combination helps to resist volcano swelling and mushrooming. Most devices accept coated and waxed screws. Additional products can be applied to avoid corrosion due to moist, salty and acidic environments. For wood-to-wood applications, such as cabinets and subfloors, flat-head coarse-thread screws insert quickly and reliably. Powerful auto-feed systems ensure that wood is anchored securely and won’t squeak. In most devices, strips hold 50 screws. Stapling tools are powerful and have thin noses for reaching tight corners. Some have additional features, such as adjustable depth control and trigger locks. Construction applications include the installation of insulation, roof sheathing, plywood sheathing and floor decking. Light-duty models work well for crafts, upholstery and screens.

Contact Us for Sales, Service or Support

We carry and service Bostich, Paslode, Porter Cable, Ridgid, Josef Kihlberg, Senco, and more. We’re here to answer your questions and take care of your equipment needs, whether you are a hobbyist or make your living working in the trades. Our Huntsville staff can be reached at 256-837-2950.