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Buy Quality Air Compressors in Huntsville

Buy Quality Air Compressors in Huntsville

We at Engineered Maintenance Services are a proud air compressor supplier, offering units made by Jenny and FS-Curtis. Models run the gamut from basic pumps to advanced cooling, filtering and drying systems. Keep in mind that we can perform turnkey installations in the Huntsville area. We can also handle preventative maintenance for any unit we sell, and all warranty work is done in-house.

Maintenance & Repair

When you buy an air compressor, you’re really getting a complex system full of high-performance components. When you consider some of their standard working parts – valves, rings, cylinders, a flywheel, rod bearings and an intake filter – you get the idea that the machine is not unlike an automobile and thus requires regularly scheduled maintenance. Here are some items that we handle during inspections and servicing:​

  • Drain valves, traps and filters
  • Clean and check condenser settings
  • Adjust belts
  • Check oil levels
  • Check blow-out coolers
  • Test for air leaks
  • Inspect electrical connections
  • Clean air filter dust caps

If you purchase a model from us, we’ll offer you a maintenance plan that includes servicing at regular intervals of use. Depending on the unit and how it’s used, some of the above and other items will be included in your appointment. Such inspections, parts replacements and tune-ups will ensure that your equipment continues to run efficiently and that any issues are detected before they turn into more severe, costly problems. We can also handle repairs of all types.

Let Us Know How We Can Help You

Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, service or repair, let us know. We’re also a pressure washer supplier, so keep us in mind if you’re in the market. We’re in Huntsville and can be reached at 256-837-2950.